3D Logo On The Fly

Another free 3D logo generator is this Xara 3D.

This program is fast, very fast. I am impressed. Unfortunately color selection does not work if you're using Firefox 1.07. The color remained purple regardless of whichever color you choose.

Switch to Internet Explorer if the default color is not what you want.

6 modes of 3D are available at time of writing. However I felt only 1 type (the 3rd style type) is suitable for my site.

Create a 3D Logo with this 3D Logo Generator

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a logo a legend a legacy

This program is really fast. You are encouraged to test out as many as you could.

Please be reminded again that the color selection didn't work with the Firefox(1.07) at the time of writing. It could be my setting.

Switch to other browsers if it gives you the same problem.

Are you able to render any images from this logo generator? At times, this online 3D logo generator doesn't seem to work.

Should you encounter the same problem, download the software and run it on your PC instead.

This 3D Heading Maker includes just a handful of headings created in Xara3D.

Using Xara3D itself gives you infinite possibilities - for example you can edit bevels, extrusion, lighting, foreground and background colors and textures, shadows and all the font settings.

Xara3D also lets you alter the heading position, extrusion and bevel depth on screen in real-time, just by dragging it.

What's more, you can animate your graphics with a whole range of animation types.

Visit the Xara3D website, for other graphics creation ideas, a demo movie, tutorials and free 15 day trial download; OR try the latest version of the 3D Logo Generator - Xara 3D

Conclusion: 2D or 3D?

My selection from the free logo generators

None of logotype generated at cooltext.com suits my site concept.

Of the logos that I have rendered, I've come to this conclusion:

These 3D generated logos look good, of which those rendered by Xara 3D come out most impressive. However, I'd much prefer it without the glowing effect.

As I am unable to remove the effect, or rather why waste time. We are talking about creating an instant logo.

If you too, are unable to come up with anything you like - Something that's unique, or a font type that is rarely used by other users or a type that's closer to your corporate identity...

Go to font.com, order the font type you want and do it straight on your graphic editor.

Choose a type that stands out in the crowd. A type that is recognizable as uniquely yours.

Or, if like me, a 3D logo is not what you want, let's do it with a graphic editor.

Let's go create a company logo by just using Windows Paint.

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