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Hello friends, my name is Eskay Ng from sunny island Singapore.

LogoSutra is about logo designing. Logo DIY. Creating your own logo.

I am not a graphic designer. I have no formal training in computer arts, designing, digitial graphics whatsoever. (I could hear Simon Cowell says, "Oh no, that's the surprise of the century").

Objectives of Logosutra

logo for Logo Legend Legacy
Logo for Logosutra.com - created 2005
logo for Lincoln Han
Logo for Lincoln Han -
Individual created 2006

As such, I do not accept assignments, projects on logo designing.

But, I'll show you how you could do it by your own.

And hence, the objective of this site - How to create your own logo.

I designed the my first logo when I started my first business in 1977.

Don't believe me if at anywhere on this site I told you it looked as good as those designed by a professional.

It looked like it was done by a 3-year-old kid, though I believe some kids of this age could do better than that!

But there's always a start

That's not to say my designs now looked like they're as good as those done by the professionals. I started designing my logos rightaway without learning the rules.

I still do not know what the rules are in logo designing anyway.

To me it's an expression, it's a communication

logo of Wina House
Logo for Wina House -
Real Estate Agency created 1993

More importantly, they're my creation. I may not be satisfied with my final product, but that's the best I could do. And I believe you could too.

I enjoy playing and making music and after all these years I have to conclude: it is easier to design a logo than to write a song, at least for me.

You don't need talent to design a logo, but you do need talent to create a catchy tune.

Missing from 2005-2009

I've not being working on this site for quite a while - 3 years perhaps

While working on other websites, I spent a considerably amount of time creating and maintaining websites for a non-profit organisation.

The current one being District 80 DIVA.

Eskay Ng
8 Oct 2009

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