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Logo, Identity, Brand, Culture

by Conway Lloyd Morgan published by RotoVision.

logo,identity,brand,culture by Conway Lloyd Morgan

  • What is a Logo?
  • What is a corporate identy?
  • What is a brand?
  • What is corporate cluture and brand culture?

This book looks in detail at a range of actual projects, from worldwide names suce as Coca-Cola or Nike to new ventures such as Vinopolis or Hong Kong Airport, to redefinitions through design with Klockner steel or Bird's Eye Foods.

The background, purpose and methodology of the design is analysed in each case, with comments from the designers themselves, and illustrations of the solution and its application

If the logo is the base element in corporate or brand identity, and the corporate or brand identity the base element in the corporate or brand culture, then clearly the way to approach the design or redesign of a logo, identity or brand is from the top down

Logo, Identity, Brand, Culture

Blue is hot Red is Cool

- choosing the right color for your logo
by David E. Carter published by HarperCollins Publishers.

blue is hot red is cool

This book provides some broad guidelines on choosing a color for your logo.

Learn the basic meaning of Blue, Red, Purple Yellow, Orange, Green, Brown, Pink and Black.

Understand how color choice affects logo design and product categories used for logos shown

If you are undecided about the color to choose for your logo, this book is a great help

RULE 1: There are no "rules" about color. Only guidelines.

David E. Carter

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