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Have you completed your logotype creation? Now we'll do the next part of creating a logo for free - creating a symbol.

Of the 3 designing elements or components that make up a logo

  • The font - the logotype
  • The symbol - the mark
  • The color

The most challenging part is the creation of a symbol.

I usually begin my symbol creation on paper by sketching out the alphabets or the picture that could represent my company name or my business.

You can just have a logotype for your company. Many businesses promote their branding without a mark. However you may add in a mark - it may not be a good idea to have just a symbol without the company name.

After the draft by hand, I would move on to designing the symbol :

  • Using MS Windows Paint
  • Using MS Office Words
  • Others

I had since given up using MS Office. I had problem exporting the images as gif, png or jpg format.

I used words to give me the gradient effect, something I was unable to do it with paint.

But I couldn't export images from Office to Paint. There may be a way, but I didn't know how and I didn't bother.

I enjoy the creating process, but I hate learning complicated software just to get a simple job done.

One of the faster solution is to use a Logo Creator.

How to create a symbol - creating a logo for free

The starting point is don't judge or reject anything. Just let the idea flows.

The initial idea that looks bad, really bad - may sometimes leads to something else more meaningful and surprising.

Some may say that it's the subconscious mind at work. I don't' know of any theory and I certainly won't disagree all those explanations about how the mind functions during the creating process.

I certainly won't reject anything that comes to my mind, however stupid the idea was. Just draw it out.

The only problem is, it takes time - days, sometimes weeks or even longer for it to develop into something I don't believe it's my design.

But if time is not on your side. Or you do not have the patience of waiting for it to come out slowly... you prefer to have something more instant - use a logo creator to create a logo for free.

If you arrived here from the previous page on logotype and you've decided on your logotype, you may want to create a symbol for your completed logotype.

It's not a hard and fast rule. Creating a symbol without considering the type as part of the logo is like putting on a sandal on one foot and a leather shoe on the other.

They look great as a pair, but awkward when each of both is put together to form a pair.

A haircut is a good analogy.
Logos are to brands as haircuts are to people.

Not many of us have the guts to ask the hairdresser to cut our hair to suit our face.
And the same is true with brands and logos.

We want the Brad Pitt haircut - when what we really want is to be Brad Pitt.

Haircut ain't gonna do it.

Don't Mess With The Logo - Jon Edge & Andy Milligan

But if that's your branding and identity strategy, then that's fine.
But still, get people to give you their frank opinions. "Good" "Very good" and "Not bad" are not very helpful though they may make you feel good.

Logotype, Symbol or the Combined?

And at this stage, my advice on a logo is - design a combined logo. It may look nice to have just a symbol as a logo, but without the type, nobody knows you.

It's alright to have a logotype without a symbol but not a symbol with a logotype.

My advice is - do not create just a symbol for your business. You can have a logotype with a symbol, but it's not wise to have a symbol without a logotype.

Just a symbol will do...

You may be thinking branding it like Nike - the whole world recognize it without the name. But we are NOT Nike. You don't add in the name, nobody will know who you are. You could almost hear them saying, "You don't tell me, I won't bother."

Look at these symbols.

Would you bother to look up what's the name? What's the brand? Are you that eager to know?

Who cares!

This is not a logo quiz.

I look at this and I'll be thinking to myself, you won't tell me, I won't bother.

Why should I? I've got other better things to do.

Logosutra - Logotype

Logosutra - Logotype Symbol Combined

Let them know who you are; not guess who you are.

When creating a web, make it simple, make it usable and ensuring that it doesn't get listed into the web pages that sucks.

When creating a logo for free, especially when you're creating a symbol, make sure it's not considered a bad logo by any standard:

Or just go google "worst logo", "bad logo design".

To summarise everything I've just said:
Make it simple, make it distinctive, make it memorable...
- but not for the wrong reason.

Next we move on to the creating process...

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