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Ready to create a company logo for your business?

Before you waste your time choosing, downloading tons of fonts and deciding on the right type of fonts for your logotype, read and digest the following important advice:

The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding

#16 The Law of Shape - A brand's logotype should be designed to fit the eyes. Both eyes.

What typeface does Rolex use in its logotype? Ralph Lauren? Rolls-Royce? Serif or sans serif?

The truth is, the words (Rolex, Ralph Lauren, Rolls-Royce) are what communicate the power of the brands. The typefaces used in their logotypes can help or hinder the communication process, but only slightly.

On the other hand, if the typeface is virtually illegible, the logotype has little or no meaning in the consumer's mind. Not because of the typeface used, but because the prospect can't read the words. Legibility is the most important consideration in selecting a typeface used in a logotype.

Al Ries and Laura Ries

(emphasis mine)

The free and easy method of creating an instant logotype

You'll need MS Window Paint which comes free with any version of MS Windows.

If the fonts provided by Windows are not what you want, here's what you do:

Go to this site and select the font type you preferred.

Save the font type (usually in zip format) to a location on your hard-disk you can remembered and install the font onto your font folder by opening the control panel.

If you still couldn't find the right font, refer again to the above advice.

All sample logos created using Paint. Font size 28px.

This next example using MS Trebuchet:

logotype in trebuchet

This logotype uses zerohour:

logotype in zerohour

And this is Venus Rising:

logotype in venus rising

My preference is Bitsumishi:

logotype using bitsumishi

but I've now changed to the script type - Biorst:

logotype using biorst

Modify Modify Modify

SideTrack - fun with fonts

I had actually decided on using Trebuchet. Made several variations based on this selection. Then I came across Zero Hour.
As I was struggling with my Fireworks to correct the jagged edges, I found Venus Rising, which has the thickness.
A cross between the two would be better, I thought.
Upon posting up my home page, I discovered Bitsumishi, which was supplied by my web-hosting.

It looks perfect, though not quite what I wanted.
The last 3 font types come only in caps.

The next time you visit this site again, I may have changed to another logotype. Be sure to bookmark.

Indeed, I've changed the logotype as of 22nd Jan 06. Watch out for more modification.

Congratulations! You've just created your company logo.

That's all. It looks good and neat. Your free instant company logo.

If you want it to look unique. you got to squeeze more of your creative juices.

Make the usual unusual.

Make it looks different, like:

  • Change of color.
  • Change of caps.
  • Change of font size.
  • Change of character spacing.
  • Any others you can think of.
  • Study other logos. They're sure to help you come out with something more interesting ...

You've learnt to create a company logo with the logotype, now let's add in a mark to make it complete.

Let's move on to create A Logomark - The Symbol

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