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You're in a hurry. You do not have much time to spare. Or you do not wish to spend too much time on a logo. In other words, you just want to have a logo immediately. To create a free instant logo. Now!

The fastest and simplest way of creating a free instant logo is to create the logotype. Just a text type for your company or your domain. Add a symbol later only when you find it necessary.

Logotype as it is known, is just a selection of typeface.

Simple to create, yet difficult to decide on the right typeface, choosing the right font that represents your online or offline business.

Type is the designers' secret weapon. Your organization's name set in one or two carefully chosen typefaces is a fast, easy solution to creating a professional-looking logo.
It does not, of course, show what your organization does, but if you choose the typeface carefully, the finished logo provides a distinct personality.

Design-it-yourself Graphic Workshop Rockport Publishers - A step-by-step guide by Chuck Green.

Three ways to create your free instant logo:

Using Logo Generator to create free instant logo

Let's starts with the logo generator. Choose your font type, size and color,etc, wisely.

Create a few and decide which you like best.

In most cases, you may need a few days to decide on those you like. Those that you didn't, the decisions are almost instant.

Study them carefully. Jot down what you like and didn't like about those you have rendered.

If you're happy with your selection, congratulations! You've got an instant logo.

Else, go back and generated another or move on to the next method.

Using Windows Paint to create free instant logo

The 2nd method is to design a simple logotype with the help of Windows Paint. If you own other graphics program, feel free to use it.

The reason I use Windows Paint, it's a simple program.

If the program has too many features, you can easily get carried away. Your logo would looks like it's been done by a 100-crew design team. Each member adding a dot or an additional effect to the final touch. A full-featured program is capable of doing that.

So, think simple. Then create with impact. The impact is the message of your logo, not what your graphic software is capable of doing.

That's one of the reason why I stick to just one graphic program, and a simple program.

Create Free Instant Logo with The GIMP GNU Image Manipulation Program

GIMP mascot

For a more powerful and free graphic program, go to to download this free image editor.
( for Linux, Windows and MaxOSX )

Be sure to read the tutorials before you start the creation process.

GIMP Tutorials
Beginner, immediate and expert levels.

Use GIMP to create a free instant logo
Tutorial on creating a 3D floating Logo

Or get yourself a copy of

  • Grokking the GIMP by Carey Bunks.
  • GIMP - The Essential Reference by Alex Harford.
  • Essential GIMP for Web Professional by Michael J. Hammel.

The former 2 books were written for Linux users with reference to ver 1.2.

Using The Logo Creator to create unlimited free instant logo

I make no recommendation on purchases of other graphic program just to design a logo. If you own Photoshop, Fireworks, Paint Shop Pro, etc., make full of what already you have.

Years ago, I had Fireworks MX, but I couldn't handle it. I am now struggling with GIMP. I use it not for logos, but mostly for my web graphics, like images and photos for my web sites.

I do not attempt to guide you on how to use those programs. With the tutorial provided by the software and online guides, I believe you could easily apply them to create free instant logo with whichever graphic program you are using.

But there's a paid Logo Creator which you can create your logo immediately without wasting time to learn how to use the software. Besides creating instant logo, you are able to create business cards, mascots, and the latest add-on for the Facebook Timeline Graphics Pak.

You may want to check out more about the logo creator.

Now that you're ready for the LogoType, let's go...

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