Free logo generator

One of the fastest ways to create a free instant logo is to use a free logo generator.

Available both online and offline.

The offline offers software for download. If you're on a slower connection, or you need a longer time to decide on a right logotype. Download a free software to try in out.

Advantages of using an online free logo generator:

  • No software program to download and install.
  • No learning required.
  • Since it's online, it doesn't matter which operational system you're using.
  • Wide range of selection for : font type, color, size, background, etc.
  • Best of all, its free!

There are many of those available if you do a search at any search engines. However, on this site, I'd publish results of the 2 of the better logo generators which I had tried.

  • 26 basic designs to choose from.
  • no pop up on site
  • No filling in of email account.

Go to this site for the online free logo generator:

Choose the font, the color, the background and you have an instant logo in a "few minutes".

You could produce a pretty cool logo without messing with the selection. If you're in a hurrry, choose default.

Since Jan 06, CoolText has improved its interface. The site now looks neat, with images sizes reduced and selection is much easier. Go take a look.

This is the first logo created with the following setting:

  • Key in logo text : LogoSutra
  • Choose font type : default - Crillee
  • Font size: 50 ( default 70 )
  • Text gradient : yellow orange
  • Background color: default none
  • Background image: default R255 G255 B255
  • File format type : jpg ( default png )

metallic logo generated by cooltext

This is how it looks after I removed the bottom reflection.

modified logo of above sample

And a few other logos created after going through some font selection.

This one that's carved on stone;

logo craved on stone

logo on marble

logo in Doblin Script

  • Logo Text: logosutra
  • Font: Dobkin Script
  • Click font to change.
  • Text Size: 70
  • Use Gradient:
  • Gradient:
  • Golden
  • Start Color: R:255 G:255 B: 255
  • End Color: R:100 G:149 B:237
  • Horizontal:
  • Outline Color: R:0 G:0 B:0
  • Outline Width: 1
  • Background Color: R:255 G:255 B:255
  • Background Image: none
  • File Format: png

All default setting

another logo generated by cooltext

  • Font: ellipsoideogram
  • Text Size: 50
  • Text Color: R:5 G20: B:242 - default
  • Background Color: R:255 G:255 B:255 - default
  • Background Image: none
  • File Format: jpg

Patience is required ...

.....if you opt for anything other than the default setting. And there's no way to preview your selection.

Rendering of each image takes only about 10 seconds. But some pages take ages to load. Though logos can only be created from fonts provided, there's plenty to choose from.

If you still can't get what you want, worry not. Let me introduce you...

2 More logo generators...

instant logo and namecards-1 by logoyes

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