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How quickly would you like to have your logo done?
How quick is instant to you?
Is creating a logo in 7 minutes instant enough for you?

The logo below took only 10 seconds! ( See link below ) logo of instant logo using google font

Instant Design-It-Yourself Logo

Throughout this site, I talk about logos DIY. About creating our own logos. About designing logos on paper and with the help of the Windows program, Paint.

After all this is the only graphics editor I can handle.

I won't waste money buying softwares that I can install only on Windows; waste more money on upgrading and waste more time learning how to use the software after each upgrade.

Online Logo Generator

So I started searching the net for free online generator.

Besides free,

  • They must offer unlimited free test - let me try first, don't force me to sign up.
  • They must be fast - Don't make me wait.
  • They must be easy to use - don't make me read 3 pages of help and still feeling helpless.

After testing a few, this Logo Generator is the closest to what I have in mind: Make your LOGO in minutes! 60 seconds demo show how...

This is a really wonderful logo maker.

How I wished there were one when I designed my first logo 30 years ago. I use the Yellow Pages then to look for ideas

Never before in the history of logo designing has the creation of a logo been so simple and instant.

In addition to that:

  • It is free to use.
  • No learning required - just choose and click.
  • It is capable of producing a unique logo.

And this is important - perhaps my top priority for using a logo generator. I don't want to create a logo that looks like Google, Nike or Macdonald.

Talking about Google, if you really want your logo to look like Google, <a href="">this is the place to go. (Sorry, this site is no longer available.)

Feb 2013 - Well, it's now back at:

logo of logosutra using google font

It takes only 30 seconds to create a logo like this. In fact all that's required is 5 - 10 seconds. The colors are generated randomly so I took a few tries to have a different set of color.

BUT will I use this as my logo?
Will you?

I generate this for fun but I'd never use this as my logo. The whole world knows this is the style of Google.

If you care less about your brand identity, there's no need to have a logo for your business anyway.

Successful Logos

Logo design is challenging: express a multifaceted message with a minimal yet unique mark. Logos must be visually uncomplicated for 3 reasons:

  1. Ease of recognition
  2. Recall and
  3. Reproduction

Joyce Walsh Macario - Graphic Design Essentials:
Skills, Software and Creative Solutions

Choosing the right logo generator may be the crucial step in creating your own instant logo

You don't have to copy. You can create your own instant logo. I mean creating your very own unique instant logo.

Of course, to produce a professional-looking logo, you may need to try and think like a professional logo designer.

When you engage a professional, he/she may probably spend some time with you - understanding your business, your mission statement, your values, your culture, your competitors...

This helps the logo designer to embed "everything" about your business into your logo.

With that informations, he/she may then work on :

  • The right font that best represents the nature of your business.
  • The right symbol to match the font, the identity.
  • The right color to give power to your logo.
  • The right combination of the logotype and symbol to lift your brand to the next level.

If you want a logo now, use this logo template

And you know what? You could do that too!

You don't have to squeeze all your creative juices to create and design - you just pick and decide.

5 steps to create an Instant logo

  1. Choose an image with 3 options of having it Hi-Tech, Bold or Flair
  2. Choose an industry
  3. Choose a symbol
  4. Key in your name and slogan
  5. This is the most powerful step - Positioning and Layout
    • Adjust symbol and logotype
    • Decide the size
    • Choose color

You just repeat the selection process till you get it right. I mean, you could get it right the first time. But don't hurry, take your time - you'll have a logo that communicates to your audience.

Even if you've ordered the logo, you are still entitled to unlimited revision of the logo. That fits into my definition of an Instant Logo.

One other important consideration - I own the rights to the logo

Go Design Your Instant Logo + Name Cards With This Logo Generator

So 2 logo generators to help you create your instant logo

Go try as many times as you like and tell me what you think.

Send me your logo and I'll give you a link.

Make an Instant Logo and Biz Cards - Try it for Free

Make a Logo and Biz Cards - Try it for Free! ( Sorry, link no longer available)

The above product is no longer available, but there is a more powerful instant logo creator that not only helps you create your logo instantly, this amazing tool allows you to sell your creations! Go take a look at The Logo Creator.

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