What I Like About the Logo Creator

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If you have been browsing this site, you'd know that I do not have had much success with logo software in the past. They either crashed with the operating system, difficult to learn or produced logos that were worst than those I created with Windows Paint or by hand.

So I was naturally sceptical when I first tried the Logo Creator. I was just playing around to see if this software is suitable for :

  • Those who want a quality professional-look logo for their business or website.
  • And those who just want a quick logo for the website now and to make improvement later on when the branding has been determined or a new logo for a site revamp.

What do I consider when evaluating a logo software?

  • Price
  • Ease of use
  • No time wasted in learning how to use the software
  • Prompt support and after-sale service from the company - be it upgrading, help or replacement for corrupted software
  • Reliable refund policy.
  • Work in both the PC and Mac


Price was not the first consideration. But if it were free, expecting anything else except for the ease of use would be asking too much

Ease of use

Paid or free, it cannot be difficult to use. I won't want a piece of software of which the guide has a detailed step-by-step tutorial but I can't even find the button it was refering to. I want to spend my time creating my perfect logo, not mastering the software.

I created my first logo without having to refer to the tutorial, so, it certainly gets my thumbs up for ease of use.


Great support from the company.

I've just received an email for upgrade to version 6.6.

There's even a redownload page for users who for whatever reasons - like another install to another machine or the need to download the software again after a hard disk reformat.

Visit the forum to get a feel of the logo fans community and the kind of support the company is providing.

No copyright issue

I am able to sell my creations without having to pay for royaties or my buyers being accused of using unauthorised images provided by the vendor.

Make your own custom graphics in minutes here:The Logo Creator

What do I get out of the logo creator?

  • Unlimited Logo Creation with unlimited revisions!
  • Over 200 logo templates to modify
  • Hundreds of amazing logo elements
  • The Ability To Import Images!
  • The ability to create page headers, blog images, podcast albums, images for your slide presentations and so much more!
  • The License to Sell the Images You Create!

What else can you do with the Logo Creator?

Anything you need graphics for!

The Logo Creator is the ultimate software for creating powerful logos, blog images, podcast covers, eBook images, Facebook timeline images and SO much more!

Logo creation using The Logo Creator

My logo creation using Logo Creator

What can you do if you want to make some money?

Go over to Guru, Elance or Vworker and bid for some business. OR to try out as an amateur, go over to Fiverr and make $5 per sale. It won't make you rich, but that's certainly a starting point, an opportunity for you to turn professional. Nobody will know you've just created them with just the logo creator!

All you need is a jump off point, and a little creativity. Dozens of logos can be made from just one template.

Get the The Facebook Timeline Graphics Pak

For $19.95, this add-on package helps you to create Facebook templates for both your fans and friends. Your marketing messages just got easier too! - The new Facebook timeline format isn't scary anymore..

So, do you need the Logo Creator?

  • If you are looking for a professional logo design company but don't want to pay hundreds, or even thousands, for a logo designing service.
  • If you are a webmaster or graphic designer who wants to provide professional logo design services to your customers?
  • If you are an entrepreneur who wants to make a living SELLING the logos you design with The Logo Creator? Do you simply want to spruce up your current site with professional graphics?
  • Are you determined to get a professional logo but don't want the hassle that a design firm may put you through?
  • If you are looking for a way to provide logo design services to your clients?

The Logo Creator The Logo Creator The Logo Creator

Go get a copy today