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Now, let's make a free logo. Which type should go for? The typeface, the symbol or both?

Want to make a quick logo? Go for a logotype first. The symbol or the mark comes later. You could create a logotype in a minute. A symbol takes days, or weeks to create. Perhaps months.


There are three criteria for successful logotypes:

  1. The design should reflect the nature of the organisation.
  2. The logo should be compact and distinctive.
  3. It should work in a single color as well as in full color and should reproduce adequately at various sizes, from the very small (business card) to the extremely large (banners and posters).

How to Understand and Use Design and Layout - David Dabner - How Design Books

Whether it's a free logo or a paid logo, the above rule applies. Whether it's a custom-made logo or pre-designed logo, the above still applies.

Why Windows Paint?

Throughout this site, I'd frequently refer to a simple graphic program, Windows Paint, that comes with Window. I am the lazy sort. I'd rather spend time improving on my symbol than on time learning a new program.

Sidetrack - from DOS to Windows

I've learnt simple programming with Dbase4 but I couldn't handle MS Access.
I've learnt Lotus 123 and now still key in @sum(E1..E5) on MS Excel.
I've learnt WordStar, AmiPro, Wordperfect before settling down on MS Words.

Invest your time wisely. Learn the wrong program and you'll end up as obsolete as the software.

Tools to make a free logo

Whether it's typing out the logotype or creating a symbol, I use only Windows Paint. Saved in bmp format. I use Fireworks to reduce the size of the logo and export out in gif format.

Most designers would use a full-featured graphics program to achieve their desired results for their clients. We are doing it for ourselves. Let's go simple. It's equally effective.

And don't be deceived by the simple works of professional artists. Their works looked simple, but every piece of work is the result of a thorough and complicated process.

Concentrate on the communication and pay more attention on delivering the message. On the other hand, if you focus too much and try too hard on the design, you'll lose the communication.

Make a free logo? No sweat!

Before trying it with Windows Paint, you may want to make an instant logo with this free logo generator.

Or for a complete low-cost instant logo solution, see instant logo.

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