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The Little Book of Logo Recipes

by David E. Carter published by HarperCollins Publishers.

The Little Book of Logo Recipes by David E. Carter

Written at elementary level and meant for those who need to "jump start" on logo design, this logo recipes is perhaps the most suitable book for beginners.

Side notes accompanied each design to show "Here's how to make it ...." Simple ideas with simple designs and simple steps that gradually lead to great, effective and professional looking logos.

Most examples were created using Photoshop with TypeStyler Effects and other plug-in, the Eye Candy 4000 filters.

The key to good logo design is "open your mind, because anything is possible."

David E. Carter


The Subconscious Factor & Secrets to Great Marketing by Martin Utian

Logo Mystique

Logo-Mystique introduces you to the meaning of names, the secret occult powers and how to make the subconscious mind a tool for your success.

Your brand image, your name and logo, your recognizable but subliminal image will turn traffic into business and your website into a goldmine.

The book is written in an easy to read style. You can instantly relate to the topics with the many examples of its usage that you see and recognize every day, everywhere.

The book allows you to go straight to the how-to chapters and back again to the why-chapters without losing substance or meaning of any element of Logo-Mystique.

Logo Mystique

If a picture is worth a thousand words,
a great LOGO is worth a thousand emotions!

Martin Utian - Logo-Mystique

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