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Listed below are the popular graphic editors used by almost every graphic artist. It is indeed difficult to make a recommendation. You may try out them out before making a purchase.

My advice is : Download one program at a time, and be sure you have the time to try out all the features before moving to the next program.

There were many softwares which expired before I could seriously tried them out. One of those was the Paint Shop Pro.

There are many others which I have not tested

Photoshop is perhaps one of the most widely used programs.

Some users may claim that GIMP is better. I preferred GIMP for these main 3 reasons:

  1. It's a powerful program.
  2. It's available in Linux,Windows and Mac.
  3. It's free.

Being available in all the 3 platforms is a major consideration. I never known which computer will I purchase tomorrow.

It's a waste of time learning a program, switched operating system later on and dicovered that the program is not available for that system.

My 1st PC was an Apple IIe, followed by PCs running on DOS and Windows.
Switched to Linux for a brief period (only for a few weeks). The version (Mandrake) I installed didn't support USB and connection to the Internet was a pain. It couldn't read the 56k winmodem. I had to connect with a 28.8k external modem.
But deep inside, I know I'll switch to Linux again, it's only a matter of when ...

The choice is yours. Just make sure you test thoroughly before you make a purchase.


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MacroMedia - is now Adobe

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I would recommend that you visit the evaluation site FireWorks 8 Basics to have a better understanding of this software before you download the trial copy. If the manual can get you excited, chances are you'll be ready to try the software.

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Gimp - for Linux, Mac and Windows

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Paint Shop Pro

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