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Web Sites

Links that are provided throughout this site are made available here, just in case you missed them while scanning through the pages.

Of course, before you click, remember to bookmark this site, else remember There'll be no link to take you back.

  • Ctrl-D to bookmark Logosutra - Create Your Own Logo now.

Some sites are so invaluable that commercial sites may wished you never know they existed.

I offer them as an extention to this site, as there's no way I could have build such wonderful sites.

All I ask is, remember to come back ....


GIMP mascot

Throughout this site, I frequently refer to my samples produced from a simple graphic program - Windows Paint. Chances are, you may be using a different graphic program, a full-featured graphic editor which can do much more than I can show. It has to be that way. I show only the simple steps.

Personally, I prefer software as simple as a text editor like notepad. I use notepad to create html pages. I won't have to worry if I'd switch to Linux tomorrow. I'd still be able to continue to build web pages.

As such, I highly recommend that you try out trial copy before making any purchase. Most trial are full-featured, 15-90 days time-limited copy. Make sure you have to time to test each program before downloading. It's only through testing and comparing that you'd be able to make a sound judgement for your investment.

Books and eBooks

I always find books a more worthwhile investment. Invest in books on designing ideas than software application guides. "How-to" guides to the latest version are available on the internet.

Most ebooks are in PDF format, which are readable irregardless of which operating system your computer is running.

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