You Can Create Your Own Logo Design

Looking for a free logo? Why not create your own logo design? Didn't believe you could create one? Well, you better start believing now, because you'll going to learn how to create your own instant logo.

Let me show you how easy it is to create and design your own logo instantly. It's easier than building a website.

You do not have to be an artist or a graphic designer to create your own logo design.

And it's not necessary to buy those expensive graphics softwares if you're using them just to design your logos.

I use only Microsoft Windows Paint that comes along with Windows. If your computer's running on a different platform, I believe it too comes with a simple graphic program. That's sufficient to get the job done.


Make logo ...
with a simple program and a few simple steps

How from the initial idea of logosutra 1st logo draft

developed into the final symbol : final logo in choices of 3 colors

by just using Windows Paint.

Remember to bookmark this site and come back for: where to get ideas, how to create your own logo, what to look out for while designing your own logo, etc.

So what is logosutra all about?

  • You'll learn how to create your own logo. i.e.:
  • And when it's done, submit your article about your creating process to logosutra and it'll send readers to your site.
  • Convert your logo into a favicon and make your website stands out from the rest.
  • I'll show you my step-by-step process in creating my logos.
  • Look at some power logos and study why are they so.
  • Learn from some designers on how they create logos for their clients.
  • There is no other sutra or scripture here on this site other than logo sutra. Though a few things in common:
    • The continued journey of our creative minds.
    • The collective wisdom of known and unknown creators.
    • And the ancient art of positioning .....

Take Note...

This site contains several links that once clicked, may never bring you back to this site again.
Remember to bookmark by hitting Ctrl-D to bookmark LogoSutra now.

I sincerely wish that after touring this site, you'd now strongly believe you possess the power to create. And instead of looking for a free logo, you could now create and design your own free logo.

It's also my sincere desire that you'd enjoy this site as much as I'd continue to upload your creation and success story. It's about creating a logo, designing your branding, building your identity. It's about your:

  • Your logo,
  • Your legend,
  • And your legacy.

Now let's go and create a free instant logo.